Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Damage Report: Banco Itaú at the “Main Square” of Talca

The second story of this unreinforced masonry structure was added in the 2000s. While no significant damage to ceiling tiles and other equipment was observed at the first story, damage was widespread at the second story. For full details, visit the Banco Itaú Damage Report.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Team Returning Home Today

Message from Gilberto:

We spent the day today in Santiago and Valparaiso. We are now heading to the airport.

Yeserday we drove back to Santiago. We stopped at two hospitals and one flour plant, where many silos were damaged.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Damage Report: Félix Bulnes Hospital

Damage Report: Félix Bulnes Hospital
Pje 14, Quinta Normal, Santiago, Chile

The Félix Bulnes Hospital in Santiago was completely shut down after the earthquake. The first structure was constructed in the 1940s with several additions and a five-story building. For full details, visit the Félix Bulnes Hospital Damage Report.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Report from Concepción

From Gilberto:
We have spent the last two days around Concepción where water and restaurants are still lacking. We have been fortunate to stay with "friends of friends" and had good meals. We are now in Chillán, which is northeast of Concepción but in much better shape. We missed the big aftershocks today since we were far to the south, but have felt many aftershocks. For the large ones, we were on a boat examining an isolated pier, then noticed everyone running as the port was evacuated and a tsunami warning was issued. We slowly made it back to shore and headed uphill along with the residents. Certainly an interesting experience.

Team Safe Following Large Aftershocks

We got word that our team was safe in the Concepción area following the large aftershocks that occurred south of Santiago earlier today.

Gilberto reported that "there were a few “shakes” last night in the Concepción area and some areas are without water. We are fine in the south - we missed all the shaking while on a boat earlier today - we got a tsunami warning."

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Team Arrives in Concepción

No major damage was observed at the Concepción airport. A sprinkler flooded the building and a few wood ceiling planks fell due to impact with the sprinkler heads.

Driving to Concepción

The team has been driving south from Talca since morning. They are now in Chillán, continuing to Concepción. There are a lot of soil failures in Retiro and collapsed silos.